Awesome Success Projects

Let us help you to digitise your ideas and
business for an exponential growth

We’ll seamlessly blend your business objectives and philosophies
our own development to make a unique application that represents what your business is all about.


Communication with Clients

The starting point to start anything is communication and understanding the basic needs of the customer and associated goals with those requirements at this phase our main focus is to understand what to do? and why to do?


Signing NDA

Confidentiality is our goal and we always abide by our promises and never disclose or share any confidential information with anyone else. Therefore after developing basic understating of project we sign NDA with client so that both parties will be on the same page for the confidentiality of information shared.


Requirement Analysis

At this stage our Business analysts start detailed discussion for the software requirements and create user stories for the scope of the project then these user stories are shared with client for their approval.


Prepare Wireframes

Once user stories are approved our design team start working on wireframes according to the discussed flows , at this stage wireframes specifically focus on content of the screens and navigation flows of the application.These wireframes does not contain any UI theme element at this stage.


Design UX/UI

During this phase apps UI/UX elements , application theme are applied to the wireframes and shared with client. Once client approves the design design is shared with developers.



This is the stage where the developers start coding the software. We use an agile software development process which is flexible and allows you to see and experience the solution during the development phase. This makes testing and refinement more efficient



Our testing team play a vital role in accomplishing a task successfully at the end of any sprint a through testing cycle is carried out so that a successful deliverable can be shared. Our testing team uses automated and manual testing to keep all module bug free. All test cases are written against the user stories approved from client side.


Client's Feedback

Client’s feedback is the most important part for any project and at the end of every sprint a deliverable is shared with client for the apporval and feedbackbased on client’s feedback, backlog items and next sprint plans are updated according ,if there is any requirement that needs changes in design or R&D our respective teams start work on this items and tasks become part of sprints accordingly.



Once UAT and feedback for all the sprints are done from client our technical team deploy the software to client’s production server and apps are uploaded to the respective stores.