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React Native

The top tier company, The Bytematter is well versed and proficient enough to help you begin with a worthwhile cross platform mobile application through the ascendancy of React Native. During the past several years our company has attained overwhelming recognition in delivering exceptional solutions using React Native.

Snippet of React Native

Back in 2015, Facebook sprang up with the sterling idea of React Native which is a mainstay for developing cross platform mobile applications for iOS, Android as well as Windows that subsumes a single code base written in JavaScript. React Native eliminates the old confusion that many mobile app developers have to tackle with while opting for a value effective decision.

Many companies make use of React Native development because they do not need to hire two different teams of developers. Plus it can cut down the development and production time.
React Native | The ByteMatter

React Native Development Company

React Native Components

React Native offers a bunch of core components primed for your app. Most apps will end up by making use of a component for displaying the images or text. React Native maps purvey a map component that make use of Apple Maps or the Google Maps on iOS and even on Android. The React Native Web is a prodigious web development library that can be accessed by front end developers. It facilitates in running the React Native components or the APIS on the web through React DOM.

In this way it is a clinch that presents your React Native app to the web. The user interface component that is written down in React Native can be implemented in iOS and Android code bases. As React Native permits the code reuse, it can be time saving for the developers in comparison to a model in which entirely different teams have to redesign front end logic for Android and iOS.

React Native Elements

React Native elements are efficacious for beginners who are trying to spruce up the appearance of their apps even if they have superficial knowledge of styling in React Native. The idea behind React Native is more germane to the component structure rather than the actual design. In essence, this means less boilerplate in the incipiency of certain elements but exclusive check over their design. Impinging on the React Native firebase, it is a miscellany of official react Native modules having a light weight JavaScript layer.
This assists you in connecting with native firebase SDK’s for both the Android and the iOS. This firebase is hinged on some salient principals. For example, it is well tested and each module is rigorously tested to more than 95% coverage. Apart from this, it is well documented together with full reference and installation documentation.


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