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    Virtual Teams

    In the wake of Covid 19 pandemic, many virtual teams have sprung up since companies could not muster together to work while practicing social distancing. Bytematter engages with employees through online team meeting and puts effort like Trojan to deliver clients up to snuff Services.Though our leading remote teams are scattered geographically and work from far flung areas, we remain in touch with them and they act responsibly as well as productively without tarnishing the company’s reputation.
    Our Employees are our asset Remote team building is essential for the success of any company. Unfailingly, Bytematter has been able to create an inseparable bond among its remote team members by indulging in activities that form strong knitted ties between them. In case a bunch of our team building online feel unmotivated, our managing virtual teams helps them to enkindle their passion for work by exposing coworkers who are full of exuberance and optimism.
    What Is a Virtual Team?
    People working in virtual group are tentative and awkward initially when they do not have a know-how of the company or are not acquainted with their coworkers. In order to eliminate their reticence, Bytematter arranges virtual team meeting to form personal connections between the workers with the help of ice breaking activities. In this activity, a few minutes are given to each individual to express one rose (what excites them to work) one thorn (what challenges and obstacles they are anticipating) and how they can deal with it.
    Although global talent is available at the lowest cost with the ease of virtual teamwork, there are certain shortcomings or virtual team building challenges that cannot be overlooked. Most of the clients have this preconceived notion that virtual team members in a virtual team communication are not too productive as compared to face to face interaction. However, this was proved wrong at Bytematter since our employee productivity has increased with the assistance of an optimistic team, remote team leadership and up to date technology.
    The number of our team members are limited to avoid miscommunication and misperceptions in the flow of information.
    Another issue that arises during virtual project management is that of “social loafing” in which individual team members toil less to achieve common goals as compared to when working with remote team individually or when the whole responsibility falls on one’s shoulders.
    Benefits of Virtual Team
    Bytematter has set a benchmark in this regard so that our online team building works with devotion, without any dependency. Virtual project management is gaining popularity because people want to find a balance between work and private life.
    Young people are enthusiastic to working virtually best practices and are more sharp-witted or adaptive to digital tools. Thus, we hire young professionals who are anchored by senior and well experienced zoom team building. This also reduces the chances of clashes as their virtual relationship building on mutual respect.

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